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Basic information about custom photography sessions



Types of Sessions

Family, Maternity, Newborns, High School Seniors, Couples, Elopements, Wedding, Events and Business

Using newborn sessions as an example of customizing for your personally needs you can choose Birth Story session to document the arrival, Fresh 48 a session that captures baby's story at the hospital soon after birth, Lifestyle session at your home where we include baby's nursery and snuggling parents, or you can select posed studio newborn session with props and backdrops.

~ TRADITIONAL/STUDIO: Is portrayed as deliberately posed and controlled lighting with no focus on the environment. Directing subjects can be as specific as how to tilt their head, where to look, whether or not to smile and when combined with dramatic lighting including sculpting their features. * These sessions are usually scheduled for in studio

~ lifestyle: Lifestyle photography is more about telling your story and uses natural light. Offering more candid & fun shots, prompts and informal poses are used but it is not about everyone looking perfect.

~ documentary: Documentary photography involves no posing, directing or prompting at all and no manipulating of light. This style doesn't worry about being technically perfect, but it doesn’t need to be because It’s about capturing the everyday moments.

~ Personal Branding: Personal branding sessions are more then just formal headshots of the past. These session are more interactive and will include photos of you in action, you with your products and detail shots of you products as well as headshots.

Personal Branding for Salon Eight 9 Zero

Personal branding session: Beth & Jess owners of Salon eight 9 zero - opened their doors back in 2019


About Editing Styles

I have an eclectic toolkit of styles

The most common trends right now seem to fall into the Light & Airy or Dark & Moody categories and then of course there is Tried & True Everyday Color which remains timeless and my normal go-to editing when we aren’t trying for a specific look. Oh, and we cannot forget my all-time favorite Classic Black & Whites.

Depending on the situation I love them all, but everything must come together to create a specific image’s mood. Wardrobe, location, time of day, lighting and even weather must be factored in when creating your custom photography session.

Once booking is complete we start to craft your ideal session. I send out a questionnaire to get to know you and then ask you to send me a Pinterest board filled with images that speak to you. Keep in mind when pinning these images not to pick them just because they are pretty, rather pick them because they reflect how you want to be captured.




editing styles Examples

Light & Airy

This evokes a happy, easy-going, and dreamy ethereal look. If this is a style you wish to achieve choosing a wardrobe that is pastel, white or light colors and avoid bright, bold and darker colors.

Also keep in mind that location must be light and bright when choosing this style.

Soft Light

Cloudy Day

Bright Back Light

softly sculpts

pastel colors

nature's softbox




prominent trends

Dark & Moody

Looking for dramatic, cinematic style then your wardrobe should be dark tones with maybe a pop of color. As for location we want to complement the look by choosing places help tell your story.

To help put it all together we need the dim light of late evening into dusk to get those deep shadows and minimal highlights.


Dramatic Tones


fashion influenced

Edgey & bold

Pop of Color


Longwood Gardens in PA


Longwood Gardens

Ideal Locations in Pennsylvania


Valley Forge Park

Grist Mill

West Chester

Comfy & Cozy

Your Home

Longwood Gardens - Kennett square, PA

Details In


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