About Editing Styles

I have an eclectic toolkit of styles

The most common trends right now seem to fall into the Light & Airy or Dark & Moody categories and then of course there is Tried & True Everyday Color which remains timeless and my normal go-to editing when we aren’t trying for a specific look. Oh, and we cannot forget my all-time favorite Classic Black & Whites.

Depending on the situation I love them all, but everything must come together to create a specific image’s mood. Wardrobe, location, time of day, lighting and even weather must be factored in when creating your custom photography session.

Once booking is complete we start to craft your ideal session. I send out a questionnaire to get to know you and then ask you to send me a Pinterest board filled with images that speak to you. Keep in mind when pinning these images not to pick them just because they are pretty, rather pick them because they reflect how you want to be captured.

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